Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. Wendall's Birthday

Yesterday we got to celebrate the 84th birthday of a precious friend and mentor Mr. Wendall Parker.  We joined him for lunch in Coban along with Mrs. Jane, Miss Fran, Galen and Phyllis Groff, and Barbara Stoltzfus (who rode into town with us from Sayaxche).  Mr. Wendall chose the Real Estancia outside of town for us to eat at.  It is one of all of our favorite places to eat.  We had a great meal together and we especially enjoyed the fellowship we shared with everyone. 
Mr. Wendall with his pineapple liquado.  We all love the fruit drinks there! 

Everyone enjoying their meal.

Mrs. Jane brought a cake for everyone.  Before cutting it we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Wendall.  The restaurant workers heard us so they put in some birthday music over the speakers and joined in on the celebration.  They also brought him out a piece of cheesecake to enjoy.

Our group before we left-
Phyllis, Wendall, Fran, Galen, Barbara, Jane, David, Cruz, and I
What a sweet group of people to have in our lives!!!

We spent the afternoon at the mission property.  The Parker's had some Kekchi friends come to visit and they brought tamales for everyone.  Later that afternoon we were joined by Jim McGriff, Shirley Hammond, and Jim and Carol Browder who arrived from Guatemala City to begin a week long mission trip.  We visited with all of them briefly before they headed to check into their hotel for the evening.  The Parker's joined us for a pizza dinner and more talking before we all called it a night.  It was a very fun day and we got to see many special friends.  We are looking forward to the next few days of visiting with all of them some more.

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