Sunday, September 4, 2011


I think this has been the longest time period that has passed without me blogging.  We have just been busy lately.  We had a guest for almost two weeks.  The same day he left we had Miss Fran and the Parker's travel up to spend the weekend with us.  Cruz has been sick with a cold/ cough which means several sleepless nights for all of us.  David's uncle passed away last Thursday and we have been really upset about that.  We are terribly sad not to be home with family right now!  I could go on, but I think you get the idea. 

I'll try to catch you up on Rickey's visit.  He and David spent several days visiting K'ekchi' villages and pastors.  One village in particular they visited was Escarbardo II.  This is a village we visited several months ago when only a few families began meeting together for Bible study.  There are now more families meeting and they are saving money to purchase supplies to build a church.  They were able to meet with them and encourage them.  They also shared a meal together.  It was Rickey's first caldo meal.  David took my camera that day but only took one photo.  It is of Rickey with Bro. Adilio, a K'ekchi' pastor.  He went with them to this particular village.
We traveled for five straight days and visited the Chiquimula area.  It is normally a seven hour drive but due to some protesters we encountered in the road it took us 10.5 hours to get there.  We were stopped for three solid hours just sitting in the car and waiting for them to move so traffic could continue.  It was a long, miserable day.  We arrived there, ate dinner at Pollo Campero, and checked in to the hotel. 
Rickey on the bridge overlooking Rio Dulce

The next morning we had planned to visit some Chorti villages as well as the Basilica in Esquipulas.   Less than ten minutes into our trip we encountered another group of protesters blocking the road.   We met a guy in front of us who was trying to get to Esquipulas as well so we followed him through the back roads to get there.  It took us 1.5 hours to go the long way around.  Where the cut through road came out was only about ten minutes from where we had turned around on the other side of the road!  We traveled on into town, ate lunch, and then visited the Basilica there.  This is the church that has the statue of the black Jesus.  It is a very famous place in Guatemala. 
Rickey standing in the door of the church

On Saturday we spent the morning resting before heading out to the village of Lagunetas for the night.  I will try to post about that overnight trip later this week.

We got up early Sunday morning and drove to Coban.  We arrived there in time for lunch.  The Baptist church in town was having a special service at 3:00 and they had invited us to attend.  We joined the Parker's for the service and stayed the night in Coban.

Monday morning we ate breakfast at La Posada and then met Miss Fran and the Parker's for lunch in town before driving back to Sayaxche.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday washing all of our clothes, cooking, and letting Cruz run and play.  Being in the car traveling for five straight days wore him out.  David and Rickey spent those days visiting K'ekchi' villages. 
Rickey with a K'ekchi' pastor

Rickey enjoying his second caldo meal

On Thursday we traveled back to Flores and stayed the night so we could have him at the airport the next morning.  We did not take many pictures while there but I did get this sweet photo of him and Cruz-
Like I mentioned above, he returned to the States on Friday and we miss him terribly already.  We had a wonderful time with him and are looking forward to seeing him again on our trip to the States next month.

The Parker's and Miss Fran returned to Coban earlier today after being here for the weekend.  It has turned miserably hot the last couple days!  We are all trying to stay hydrated and cool (as much as possible with a few stand fans).  I will try to post about our trip to Lagunetas as well as our September newsletter soon.

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