Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kekchi National Missionary Retreat

Last week while in Coban we helped host an annual retreat for the Kekchi national missionaries.  Currently there are twenty-two, but only seventeen could attend.  There are six from the north where we work and five out of those six were present.  It was good to see many whom we had worked with in the past from the different regions of Kekchi work.  This is a retreat that our former supervisor, Jim McGriff, has been doing for many years.  He returned this year with a team to continue the tradition.  It is held at the pastor's study center in Coban. 
These men have a true heart to reach their own people.  It has been amazing getting to work alongside these men and learn from them.  They have been mentors to us in many ways.

It was a two day conference.  It began on Wednesday afternoon with a welcome and greetings.  The Parker's were in charge of leading music.  These brothers love to sing.

Miss Fran then had a time to share with the men.  She shared a little of her testimony and struggles from the early years in the work.  She talked a lot about the Bible and how it came to be written in the Kekchi language.  Many of the men shared their memories of working before the Bible was translated.  There were many tears shed during this session time.  She shared with them a new booklet she recently wrote about translating the Bible, the people that were involved, and the how it was done. 

That evening and the next day each national missionary had a time to share their heart with the group.  They shared highs and lows, as well as family and ministry prayer requests. They were then prayed over by the group.  This is always a special time for these men to get loved on and encouraged.  

Please pray for these men as they share the gospel in many hard to reach areas.  They often face hardships and resistance.  Pray for the families they leave at home for days at a time so that they can travel and share the gospel.  Pray for their safety, health, and protection and that God would continue to use each of them to reach many who have yet to receive Christ. 

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