Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Few New Things

One thing about having company from the States is that they almost always bring us things down.  A sweet friend from home sent Cruz several Polo shirts by our last guest.  He looks so cute and grown up in them.

He loves playing with David's car keys.  Here he is using them to try to crank his car.

We also got a few new Sesame Street videos.  We had three and have watched them so much that David and I can almost quote them.  Not to mention that we can also sing every word to every song, haha.  We have all enjoyed the new ones.  We are also enjoying some new snacks like honey buns, slim jims, and yogurt melts.
Cruz also got a new pair of tennis shoes brought down and we just love them.  Doesn't he look more like a three year old here?  He is growing up way too fast.

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