Friday, September 30, 2011

Cruz's Check-Up

Last Friday Cruz had a check-up with his pediatrician.  He received two vaccines- flu and chicken pox.  Here are a few photos from his visit.
Standing outside of the office.  Is he really big enough to walk in by himself?

getting weighed

He weighs 24.4 pounds

He is 32.5 inches tall

He had fallen four times in the previous 24 hours, mostly on his face.  We had arrived in Guatemala City the day before and he was a wild child exploring the mission house and climbing on everything.  Because of that he had many new bruises.  We were a little embarrassed to take him to the doctor, haha.  This was before the stitches incident also.  He had also recently broken out with a rash on his face and arms.  There is hardly a dull moment with him around.

This one turned out a little blurry but I still love it. 

He is a very active little boy, but also very healthy.  We are so thankful for that!

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