Monday, September 12, 2011

At Home

This morning when Cruz woke up we surprised him with this tent sitting in our living room floor.  He was not sure just what to think of it at first, but soon figured it out.  He has played in it off and on throughout the day, but I think we have had the most fun in it, haha.

Not much has happened here in the last few days to blog about.  Sunday was election day in Guatemala so we have spent the last several days close to home.  Although our town was rather quiet and peaceful that was not the case in all areas of Guatemala.  We find it best to stay in during times like these.  We have enjoyed the down time.  There will be a runoff between the top two candidates on Nov. 6. 

We have had a horrible time with our power the past week.  It's been off, on, off, on...  At times I wanted to scream.  It took us a while to catch on to the pattern.  The lights would go off and when they came back on we would get busy doing something.  No time passed when they were off again.  We felt like someone was playing a bad joke on us.  We finally just gave up and decided not to do anything or cook anything that required power.  That way it would not matter if you had power or not.  We have one more week at home before we start traveling.  I must admit that I am looking forward to a little break from this house/town/area.

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  1. I can't believe how Cruz has grown. Seems like he went from baby to a big boy over night! Seems that happens to all of our kiddos though.

    My girls have a tent similar to that and they LOVE their's too! They spend lots of time in it.

    Heather Houston


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