Monday, September 26, 2011

16 Month Update

Cruz turns 16 months old today!
He is a ball of fun these days.  We laugh often just watching him play, talk, and interact with others.  He is a joy to have around and he amazes us daily with the things he does. 
*   He weighs 24.4 pounds
*   He wears size 12-18 month clothes and size 12 month pants
*   He wears size 5 shoes
*   He wears size 4 diapers
*   He has 12 teeth
*   His daily routine is to wake up between 6- 6:30.  He eats breakfast around 7:00.  He takes a morning
     nap around 9:00.  He eats a snack at 10:00 and lunch at noon.  He takes an afternoon nap sometime
     between 1:00 and 2:00.  Most of his naps are 1- 1.5 hours.  He eats an afternoon snack around
     3:00 and dinner at 6:00.  He takes a bath at 7:00 and goes to bed at 7:30.  I rock him for his nap times
     but at bed time we just say "go get in the bed" and he will walk to the room, let us put him in his bed, and
     he usually goes right to sleep- it's a very easy nighttime routine!
*   He loves books.  He often brings us books to read to him and many times we will find him sitting in his
     room with a stack of books around him "reading" to himself.  He loves to point to objects he sees and
     count things in the books.
*   He likes to try to count his numbers.  He will say two, three, four, three, four, three, four...  He gets stuck
     often, haha.   Sometimes he will say five but then he says four, five, four, five.  He never says the
     number one.  We can ask him how old he is and he always holds up one finger but says three. 
*   He can point to most all of his major body parts- head, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, stomach, belly
     button, legs, feet, toes, hands, and fingers. 
*   He says many words.  I began making a list at the first of the month but soon gave up because it was
      growing daily.  He repeats many words we say and has a good vocabulary so far.  He calls David
      da da, papa, and papi, but many times he calls us both mama.  He is rarely ever quiet!
*  He loves playing with keys.  His favorite key of all is our car key we think because it is big.  He will take
    keys and go around the house pretending he is opening things.  He likes to pretend to crank his car as
*   He knows many animals and their sounds.  Some animals he says in Spanish and some in English.  Some
     animals he will say their names and others he only makes their sound when you ask what it is.
*   He loves music and almost always starts dancing when he hears it.  His new obsession is drums.
*   He has learned to drink from a straw.
*   We recently changed his car seat to forward facing and he had his first experience with car sickness.
*   He eats just about anything we put in his mouth.  He has always been a great eater.  His latest food
     obsession is grapes.  He will walk to the fridge and scream for them.  The only thing we have found
     that he does not like is mashed potatoes.  He drinks milk at meal times and water or occasionaly diluted
     juice with his snack.
*   He loves to imitate riding motorcycles.  He will make motions and sounds.  It is very cute.
*   He loves all forms of transportation, but he calls everything "car".  As we are riding down the road he is
     looking out, pointing to the vehicles, and constantly saying "car, car, car". 
*   He is obsessed with balls and anything round that resembles a ball.
He has his moments of meltdown, but overall he is a sweetheart.  We adore him!

Happy 16 Month Birthday, Cruz!
You are loved!!!

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