Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who Knew Burger King Could Be So Fun

We are big fans of the playland at the Burger King in Flores/ Santa Elena.  We try to incorporate it into our trips there when we can.  It is the perfect size for smaller kids and Cruz has a blast everytime we go.  We love that many of the restaurants in Guatemala have a place for kids to play.  We sure do consider that when picking places to eat these days.  Here are a few photos of him in action on our last trip there.
looking through the glass bubble

about to climb through the tunnel

He loves these steps!  He actually loves anything he can climb up.  He is a BIG climber.

I think he looks like a monkey in this photo, haha

Climbing up the rockwall

about to slide


  1. Those pictures are hilarious! And yes, I finally got some to load! (Seems that Turkey has been having problems with Blogger lately. Again.)

  2. I remember days like this with my kids! We spent 5 years in El Salvador when I was first married. Enjoy!


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