Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcoming a Friend

We are currently hosting a friend from back home, Rickey.  It is his second time to visit us in Guatemala.  He was a student in our youth ministry at our home church and is now the associate pastor and children's minister there.  We have seen him grown from a child into a fine young man.  It has been a joy to watch how the Lord has worked in his life.  He is a blessing to us and we are enjoying getting to fellowship with him for a while.
He arrived on Monday night.  Cruz had already gone to bed so David picked him up at the airport by himself.  They returned to the hotel and sat up for a while talking and catching up.  The next morning we all enjoyed breakfast by the lake and then took a stroll around it.  I love how you can not see someone for a while and then just pick up right where you left off, like no time had passed. 

We took this photo for his mom and grandmother.  haha

After Cruz took his morning nap we loaded the car and headed to buy groceries.  We ate lunch at Burger King before returning to our home in Sayaxche'.  Cruz and I spent the afternoon at home while David and Rickey went to tour the ruins at Ceibal.  These ruins are just right outside of our town.  Here are a few photos of Rickey there- 

They both took a hand towel for two reasons- 1) to wipe the sweat and 2) to swat the mosquitos.

Here Rickey is standing in front of a Ceiba tree- the national tree of Guatemala.  They are HUGE.

Today Cruz and I are home washing clothes and packing for a road trip we have coming up.  David and Rickey are out visiting several K'ekchi' villages.  Please pray for their travels and visits today.

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