Thursday, August 18, 2011


I just took this short video of Cruz and his chucho (dog).  It is a toy dog that he loves to pull up and down the sidewalk.  He loves dogs!  He can say bow wow wow and usually says it when he hears the dogs barking outside.  He likes to stand at the screen and watch the neighbors dogs run around.  His favorite word (other than hot) is definitely chucho.
Over the weekend he started saying bye bye and hey.  Why he chose to say those instead of adios and hola we do not know.  He rarely hears them but hears the Spanish words many times a day.  He doesn't hear us say them much because we rarely talk to other English speakers, but the locals will say them to him sometimes because they are a few of the English words they know.

He is facinated by the geckos that get in the house.  He will point to them and watch them climb around the walls.  He calls them gaka instead of gecko.  The neighbors have been teaching him to say gato (cat) in Spanish.  He also says gaka for that, but doesn't say cat or dog in English.

We love hearing him try to communicate.  This is a fun stage!

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