Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sounds Good To Me

Listening to Cruz trying to verbally communicate has been a lot of fun for us.  He says things and we will both look at each other and laugh out loud.  Sometimes he can be so funny.  We have the Baby Einstein Baby's First Sounds video that he likes to watch.  On that video they sound out several letters.  He has been saying "ball" for about a month now, but lately after watching that video he will now say ba, ba, ball instead of just ball.  It is hilarious! 

His favorite word these days is "hot".  Because David most always has a cup of hot coffee in his hand, Cruz has heard him say many, many times "no Cruz, that is hot".  He has picked that up well.  He now points to every cup, bottle of water, candle, etc. and says hot.  He even says hot for things that are cold.  He has a book that he likes to read and when I turn to the page that has a campfire on it he points to it and says hot. He points to every lamp and overhead light too and says hot.  Well, the K'ekchi' have heard him saying it too.  The word for water in K'ekchi' is ha.  So when he points to their glass and says hot, they think he is saying ha (water).  They are really impressed although we have tried numerous times to correct them.  They are certain he is saying a K'ekchi' word.

He also says mama and dada well.  Most of the time he calls me mama but lately he has been coming up to me, patting me on the arm or leg and saying na na.  It's really sweet how he does it.  This weekend while visiting in a Ch'orti' village a lady heard him saying it.  I tried to correct him by telling him to say ma, ma, mama with an "m".  She informed me that mama in Ch'orti' was na na and that he was speaking Ch'orti'.  How funny is that! 

Another thing he has picked up from us and does all the time is going around stomping the floor, hitting the table, etc. as if he is killing ants and spiders.  The funny part is that when he does it he yells out "got it!".  I didn't realize we say that, but obviously we do. 

That boy is a hoot!

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