Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Few More Birthday Pics

I realized that I never posted any photos from David's original birthday.  We spent the day at home not doing much of anything.  We enjoyed french toast for breakfast, our birthday tradition.  I made sure David's was served on our blue celebration plate.  I made him a chocolate chess pie for his birthday dessert.  His only request was for me to make him peanut butter cookies and I have yet to do that.  I ran out of sugar.  I hope to bake those for him one day this week.  We had a house full of neighbor kids all afternoon long.  That sure added some life to our day, haha.  For dinner we grilled bbq chicken and had macaroni and cheese and potato salad.  It was yummy!   Overall I think he had a wonderful birthday.
David and Cruz
Cruz kept pointing to the candle and saying "hot".

Cruz being silly as we sang "happy birthday"

I also forgot to mention that we had Wendall and Jane Parker come up to visit with us last week.  They came to attend the K'ekchi' pastors conference on Wednesday.  We enjoyed visiting and eating with them.  They rode back to Coban with us on Thursday.  We took them home on our way to Chiquimula.  Please pray for them as they will be traveling today through Saturday to visit many K'ekchi' friends they have.  They plan to spend a few days in Las Casas and a few days in two other K'ekchi' villages.  They will be traveling by public transportation.  Pray for their health and safety as well as energy and strength for the trip.

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