Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Days In Coban

We spent the weekend in Coban.  In addition to running a few errands we mostly enjoyed getting to visit with missionary friends there.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and later joined the Groff's and the Parker's for dinner at Casa de Acuna.  It was fun to sit around the table and share our hearts and struggles with each other knowing that the others would be praying for you because they understand where you are coming from.  There is nothing like having other missionaries as friends.  They really get you.  I just wish we had more of them or that more of them lived closer, haha.
David and Cruz had already walked home when we finished the meal so here are myself, Phylis, Galen, Mrs. Jane, and Mr. Wendall.  Notice we all had jackets on.  It was REALLY, REALLY nice to enjoy that cool Coban weather for a few days.  Instead of sleeping under a/c we enjoyed sleeping with blankets, socks, and long pajamas.

Sunday morning we went uptown to have breakfast at one of our favorite places in Coban- La Posada.  Having breakfast there is truly one of my favorite things to do- love it!

Here is a photo of Cruz standing next to one of the many monkey planters they have there.  He is such a little monkey himself.

We then went to worship at Belen Baptist Church in Coban.  It is just around the corner from our mission property there.  We still consider it our home church in Guatemala although we rarely get to attend there anymore.  It was nice to see all of the familiar faces and get hugs from those who are like family to us.  It's just another thing about Coban that we miss terribly.
Cruz made it though most of the music (because it's his favorite part) and then he was quite restless.  As we were walking in he noticed several bicycles parked outside and he tried the whole time to get out to where they were.  I finally walked him outside and stayed out with him for the rest of the service.  Boy I miss church nurseries sometimes!  Some Sundays I question why I even bother to go because I most always end up taking Cruz out to let him play.  It doesn't help that all of the other kids are running around too.  I rarely get to listen and participate in the service.  I remind myself often that it is just a short stage of life, but I often forget that while in the middle of church. 

We had Pollo Campero deliver our lunch and then spent the whole afternoon visiting with Mr. Wendall and Mrs. Jane. 

We met Miss Fran for breakfast at McDonald's Monday morning before we returned to Sayaxche'.  It was a refreshing weekend, and we look forward to visiting with all of them again soon.

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