Monday, August 1, 2011

David's Birthday Weekend

We spent the weekend celebrating David's birthday.  It is our tradition to skip the gifts and opt for a little get-away instead.  The birthday person gets to pick the place and David chose a hotel we have visited before, but just to eat.  It is a beautiful place surrounded by a lake, nature, and lots of peace and quiet.  We had a blast!
how could you not have fun with this little fellow around

our room

view from our room

We generally pick a place that has a pool.  We all love to swim, and it is a treat when we get to do it.

There are at least ten of these birds on the property.  They were close to our room and everytime we would go out Cruz would point to them.  He loved looking at the birds.

There is a fenced in area with many deer inside.  We enjoyed watching them, and even got to feed them some leaves.  This deer in particular was very friendly.

I wanted to get a close up photo of it so I stuck out my hand so it would come closer.  Well, just as I snapped the picture he stuck out his tongue and licked me.  Yuck!  If you know me well, you know that totally grossed me out.  haha

We got to watch this crocodile swim in the water while we ate dinner.

We enjoyed this view from our dinner table.

We played, a lot.

We went on a nature trail hike.

We fed fish and watched them swim.

We also napped, ate, read, and just chilled.  It was everything David could have wanted.  I love times like this when we can just get away and enjoy being a family. 

Happy Birthday, David!  You are a great dad and a wonderful husband.

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  1. Well, most of the photos won't load for me, but that first one of Cruz is super cute! And happy birthday, David!


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