Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Pearl of the East

I thought I would share a few photos of the hotel we have been staying at when traveling to the Ch'orti' area.  From time to time I like to post photos of some of the places we sleep at.  This is a basic hotel.  It offers twin size beds, a/c, cable t.v., a nice parking area, and a private bath but with no hot water.    

The entrance from the road

This is a photo as you enter the gate onto the property.  The have a lot of parking space (which you don't always find at hotels here).

At the bottom corner you will see a sign for Rosy's Beauty Salon.  They are located on the bottom floor of the hotel.  David tried to get a haircut while we were there but they said they did not cut mens hair.

Below is a photo of the walkway that leads to the restaurant.  I forgot to get photos of the inside.  We usually eat breakfast there.  A "funny" that happened to us there was that we ordered pancakes the first morning.  They brought a large plate of pancakes and then just a small serving of syrup.  It was a little white cup similar to the ketchup cups you get a fast food restaurants.  That was all.  Let me also add that most restaurants in Guatemala serve honey instead of syrup.  You have to request syrup and you still usually get honey.  Anyway, back to the story.  The second morning David ordered a fruit plate.  They brought him out a large plate of assorted fruits and guess what came with it???  A large bottle of syrup!  The whole bottle.  They like to eat syrup on their fruit here (obviously).  Next time we are going to order a plate of pancakes and a plate of fruit together, haha.  Another thing to mention is that when you order a bowl of cereal you have to request the milk to be cold or they will bring you hot milk to go with it.  The cereal of choice in Guatemala is Corn Flakes and many prefer hot milk.

They do have a pool but we have never been in it.  It is usually not too clean looking.

An outside view of some of the rooms

Many hotels in Guatemala have full size beds.  Here they have twins.  We got a triple room and I pushed my bed up next to the one by the wall and Cruz and I shared it.
views of our room

the bathroom 

As you can see there is not much to it, but it does meet our needs.  The cost to stay here for two people is around $32.00 U.S. per night.  That is an average price for a hotel in the areas we travel.  It looks like we are going to be getting to know the staff there pretty well in the weeks to come. 

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