Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leadership Training in Coban

We traveled to Coban on Tuesday to visit with missionary friends and also be a part of some leadership training classes that were taking place there this week.  Dr. David McGowin has been coming down for many years and teaching the K'ekchi' pastors.  He is Jim's brother-in-law.  Jim also flew down with him.  Miss Fran and the Parker's greeted us all in Coban.  It has been fun having fellowship with all of them as well as getting to visit with the pastors.  We worked with many of these pastors during our years in Coban.  There were 48 who attended the study. 
group photo

this is a photo of a few of the pastors before one of the sessions

 a few breaktime photos

Dr. McGowin is teaching the sessions and Miss Fran is translating for him.  Here they are reviewing notes during one of the breaktimes.

With the exception of a little upset stomach that Cruz is having (most likely due to tooth #9 coming in) we are all feeling much, much better.  It is good to be getting back to normal.  Thanks again to everyone who prayed for our health over the past week.  The cool, fresh air in Coban made us feel better too, haha.

The group traveled to Las Casas today and will be doing the same sessions there today and tomorrow.  Please pray for the study that is taking place there.  We returned home to Sayaxche' to get ready to host the group here over the weekend.  We plan to do something touristy on Saturday, attend worship in a K'ekchi' church on Sunday, and then there will be a leadership training conference for the pastors here on Monday and Tuesday.  We would all appreciate your prayers over the next few days.

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