Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splish Splash

We returned home on Monday after being gone for two weeks.  We were all glad to get back home.  Our trip was enjoyable, but it was long.  Being off of our routine for that long did get old.  I am a little behind on posting, but will try to catch up soon.  To be honest I am tired.  Cruz did not sleep well on this trip which meant we did not sleep well either.  We were up with him many nights which meant having to sit in meetings all day the next day was difficult for both of us.  I also caught a stomach bug that was going around and am still trying to get over it.  The last couple nights we have gone to bed when he did.  We plan to try to catch up on our rest over the next few days in between planning for an upcoming team and preparing for another road trip we have coming up. 

So, with that being said I'll leave you with a little video I took of Cruz last week while in Antigua.  We all loved getting to enjoy a bathtub for the week.  It was a highlight of our day.  Here is Cruz one night playing in the tub.  He got to use a new toy he received for his birthday from his Memaw.  It's the VTech Submarine Learning Boat, and he loves it.  When you hit the buttons it plays music and sprays water.  This video was right before bedtime.  Notice how wired up he was.  That bouncing is his way of dancing to the beat.  That boy is way too busy for sleep these days, haha. 

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