Monday, June 13, 2011

Lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's

After Cruz's one year check-up we celebrated by taking him to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's.  Now that he is walking I thought he would enjoy exploring the place and seeing all of the lights and pushing all of the buttons on the games.  He did have a fun time.  We began our visit with pizza, hot dogs, and fries.

We were surprised to hear that all of the animation and songs were in English.  It took us a few minutes of hearing it for it to register that it was English.  Language learning really messes with your brain, haha.  Cruz loved the music!
He liked looking at Chuck E. Cheese from a distance.

This was as close as  he wanted to get to him.

You cannot really tell it but he was not happy in this photo.   He wanted no part of touching the mouse.
He just recently started showing fear and we are seeing that there are several things he does not like.

We let him ride a few things which he normally loves, but that particular day he was fine until the ride started moving.  We think he was just getting sleepy and thought it was going to rock him to sleep. haha 

He did not like this ride!

Overall it was a fun family outing and we look forward to taking him there again real soon.

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