Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Because we were traveling we did not get to do anything special for Father's Day.  Last Friday, June 17, was Father's Day in Guatemala.  We were in meetings all day, I was sick that day, and it rained that night so we did not want to get the baby out to go eat.  Sunday, Father's Day in the States, we were traveling home and stopped over in Coban for the night.  It was raining there too, but we did get to go next door to Casa de Acuna for dinner.  Below are a few photos I took of David and Cruz after eating lunch on Sunday at Sarita's near El Rancho on our way to Coban.
Cruz did not want to sit still to have his photo taken.

One of his favorite things these days are rocks.  He loves to pick them up, carry them around, and especially put them in his mouth.  As soon as we walked outside he spotted this fountain-
it was covered in rocks and he loved it! 
 He got really upset with his dad when he picked him up for a picture.

We celebrated most this past Wednesday.  The day started with a Southern breakfast.  I even made biscuits.  We then drove to Santa Elena to run a few errands and to eat lunch.  David chose to eat at Pizza Hut because it was one of the only places that has a/c.  Later that evening we cooked on the grill and enjoyed a nice meal at home.  

Here is a photo of David and Cruz with David's Father's Day card.  I started a tradition of giving him a card with Cruz's handprints on it last year and plan to do it as long as Cruz will cooperate. 

Cruz is such a blessed little boy to have such a great dad like David.  I have often said that it is like Cruz has two mama's because David is soo hands-on with him.  I have enjoyed everyday of getting to see David in action as a dad.  It is a role he is doing very well! 

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