Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cruz's One Year Check-Up

On Friday Cruz had his one year check-up.  This is a photo I took of him as we were walking to the car.
He has learned that he can walk and wave at the same time and that is what he does all day long.  Those little feet are not still except for when he is asleep.  He is a very busy little boy, and we are some very tired little parents, haha.

This is him playing peek-a-boo with me in the car before we went in to his appointment.

I took this photo of David and Cruz when he had his first check-up a year ago-

And this was at his one year check-up.  He's grown a little.

Cruz and Mama

He was all over the place!  We reminisced about his earlier check-ups when we could lay him on that table and he never moved.  A lot has changed in the past year.

He was 31 inches long

He weighs 22.8 pounds

Not only is he busy, but he is also loud.

Every instrument the doctor used Cruz tried to take from him.  He is fast and I think he surprised the doctor a few times with those quick little hands.  Dr. Figueroa asked him if he wanted to be a doctor because he sure was interested in all of his tools.  That is the same thing Dr. Asturias asked him at his last check-up. haha

It is such a blessing to hear that your child is healthy and that he is growing and developing well!  I hope we never take that for granted. 
He received one vaccine, and only cried for the moment.  He quickly calmed down and was back to exploring.  We are happy he had a good check-up and celebrated by having lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.  I'll post a few of those photos tomorrow.

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  1. He's such a doll. I can't believe he is 1. This year really flew by!


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