Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cruz's First VBS

Last week while we were attending our mission meeting Cruz and all of the other missionary kids got to attend Vacation Bible School.  Now I understand that there is not much to VBS for a one-year old, but just knowing that he was playing and having fun with the teachers and other kids was nice to know.  From what they told us we think he had a grand 'ol time.

For many years a group from Flat Creek Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA have been coming down to work with the kids during these meetings.  It is always fun to see many of them return year after year.  Among that group are a few of our favorite people- the Pearson family.  They have been down to work with us on volunteer teams and we have visited with them in their homes.  We love this family and they are great prayer supporters.  We are thankful for the many families such as this one that God has placed in our lives since we arrived on the mission field. 

Each morning we would drop Cruz off and he would get right down and go play.  I will admit that I had anxiety for several weeks leading up to the meeting knowing that I was going to have to leave him during the day.  I figured he would do fine, and he did.  He rarely meets a stranger and loves exploring new places.   I, on the othre hand, missed him terribly!  I know the seperation was good for all of us, but that doesn't mean I had to enjoy it.  The first few days I just had that naked feeling like when you leave home without  your watch or jewelry.  I am used to having him by my side 24/7 and it felt very weird with him not around.  He had a lot of fun and I do not think he even missed us, haha.  All of the new faces and places to explore he just loved.  Even when we returned to get him he would run to us but if we stood around talking a bit he would get back down and go again.  I am very thankful that he did so well. 

Here he is the first morning we dropped him off.  He went right to Mr. Gary.  They became good buddies that week.  I think Mr. Gary and his son Tabb were Cruz's favorites. 

These precious, brave souls were the ones that kept the babies for the week.  There were three in that age group- Cruz and two sweet little girls.  I was so afraid he was going to be too ruff with them.  He is not used to playing with kids his own age and certainly not little girls.  I think he did okay.  If not, they didn't tell me. 
Mrs. Joyce, Cruz, Mr. Gary, and Kim

On the last day of our meetings all of the kids did a short program for everyone.  They sang songs and recited memory verses from the week.  It is always a fun part of mission meeting.  Cruz's class just smiled and waved for the crowd, but they were entertaining.

This is who our little boy hung out with for the week.  What a fun group they were.

The theme for VBS was "Big Apple Adventure".  I was tickled when I picked him up on the last day and was handed a bag of crafts that he helped make.  I loved looking through the bag at his things.  One of my favorites was this book the teachers put together.  It had his handprint, some coloring, a family photo of us, and his photo as the Statue of Liberty.  It is precious, and I will keep it forever.

Our little Statue of Liberty

I love that our mission is able to provide activities such as this for our kids.  Cruz rarely ever gets to play with kids his age much less other American kids.  It is good for them to all get together and hang out, especially the older ones.  I think VBS will become a new favorite part of our mission meeting.

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