Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cruz Lately

We have been on the go for most of the month of June.  We are currently on another scouting trip to the Chorti.  Normally I would blog at night when Cruz goes to bed, but lately I have chosen to go to bed myself because we have just been tired.  Long days of travel (especially with a small child) will take all of your blogging energy, haha.  I need to post Cruz's thirteen month update.  I have the pictures ready, but need to fill in what he has been doing lately.  I hope to do that soon.   I'll also update about this scouting trip soon as well.  Please keep us in your prayers as we travel over the next few days.

I did put together a few photos of him lately that I will share in the time being.  
Cruz in Sayaxche'

Having lunch in Chisec 

A few days of fun in Coban 

He is one busy boy these days, another reason we are tired.     

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