Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday Service at Invasa

This past Sunday we attended the anniversary service at Esmirna Baptist Church in the village of Invasa.  It was our first time to visit that area.  On this trip we also visited the pastor and church in Canlech and found the church in Nueva Samaritana.  Little by little we are locating where all of the works are.  Like all anniversary services it was a full house with standing room only.  We arrived in time to eat breakfast- beef served in gravy that tasted like pot roast (yummy), tortillas, coffee, and a Super Cola. 

After eating we headed inside the church for Sunday School and worship.  There were many other pastors and leaders there.  I like how they visit each other's churches for these special occasions.  We spent time again with Bro. Carlos from Las Pacayas (he is also the vice-president of the association).  He was on our trip last weekend to Poptun.  When you leave you almost want to say "where ya going next Sunday" haha  it's most likely we'll see them there. 
outside of the church
You cannot tell from this photo but directly in front of the church to the left were several ladies selling fruit and snacks.  It is common for vendors to set up outside of churches on days like this.  One of the most popular items for sell that day was watermelon slices.  The bad thing is they buy it, take it inside the church, eat it, and then throw the rind on the floor (along with much other trash).   Cruz spent the whole day trying to pick it all up and I spent the whole day chasing him down and trying to keep things out of his mouth.  It was a hard Sunday for me. 
A photo of the inside of the church
On special occasions they like to decorate a lot.  One of the things they do is hang balloons from the ceiling.  Cruz loves balloons these days!  It drove him crazy that he could not get to one of them.  He was constantly pointing to them and trying to show me.  He points at things he wants these days.  After the service someone cut him a few down and gave them to him.  He was one happy little boy. 
David with the pastor, Bro. Juan Tuul Tux
We first met him several years ago when he was a pastor in the Las Casas area.  We visited his church there for a Sunday service.  His wife, Dominga, is the sister to K'ekchi' national missionary Bro. Domingo Pa.

David, Bro. Juan and two leaders in the church 

The guest speaker was Bro. Carlos.  He is the pastor at Pocola outside of Coban.  Pocola is the largest K'ekchi' church.  You can tell by his wet shirt that it was a hot day.  We all had wet clothes by the time we left.  It was definitely the hottest Sunday we have had here yet.
 Cruz and I with a few of the young girls

meal time 

We ate here inside of the pastor's home.  These bowls held our caldo.  All of the guest pastors, leaders, and ourselves ate together.  I am usually the only female at the table.  It is not common for the pastors wife or other women to eat at the table with the men.  They are usually in the kitchen cooking.  It is different, but I am used to it now.

These kids watched Cruz while we ate 

A lady with her two month old son.  She wanted me to take her photo.

Invasa is also the home church of Bro. Manuel, the treasurer of the Peten Association and his wife, Maria, who is president of the Peten WMU.  We enjoyed some fellowship time with them as well.

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