Monday, May 2, 2011

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for this pastor, Bro. Pablo, and his family.  Sunday we visited his mission in the village of Quetzalito.  After the service and before the meal he had his wife bring his infant daughter in for us to pray for.  She had been sick and the medicine they had for her was not helping.  He said that she had a form of asthma.  I could hear her wheezing really bad and she felt very warm to the touch.  I was sure she had fever.  We prayed, and then the mother slipped away to nurse her.  We didn't see them again, and assumed all would be okay.

On Monday afternoon we received a call that the baby, 8 months old, had died.  It took our breath and broke our hearts!  All afternoon we have wondered "should we have done anything else or could we have done anything else".  I have shed many tears for this family today and can't imagine their heartache.  It makes me want to hug my child and really makes me thankful that he is healthy.  It also reminds me of the blessing we have of medical care, insurance, and medicine. 

They were having a service tonight and then a burial tomorrow (Tuesday).  Here it is customary to bury someone within 24 hours of their death.  David will be traveling back to that village tomorrow to visit with the family and attend the service.  Please pray that the Lord would give him just the right words to say to comfort them, and please keep this family, mission, and village in your prayers as well.

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  1. Hey Regina! I prayed and also put your request on my Prayer Line.

    God Bless,


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