Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Anniversary

Because of a conference that we were attending all last week we spent our anniversary in Coban.  It just so happened that the only day that wasn't scheduled was Wednesday (our anniversary) because that was the day that all of the nationals went to visit and stay overnight in the K'ekchi' villages.  So, here is how we spent our day-
Most of the morning was spent at our mission apartment.  Once we got Cruz down for his morning nap my friend Glynis came and watched him while David and I walked next door to Casa de Acuna for a late breakfast.  It was only the second time since Cruz's birth that we have had a meal alone.  I wish I could say we just loved it (and we did) but it was weird.  I just felt like something was missing.  We did enjoy a leisure time of eating, drinking coffee, and talking.  There were also several moments of just sitting still in silence which was nice as well. 
When the waiter brought our ticket we asked him to take our photo.  Let me just add that we lived next door to this restarurant for 2.5 years and visited it often.  Most all of the staff know us well.  After he took our picture I told him that it was our anniversary.  A few minutes later he came back with this dessert (lemon cheesecake) and another waiter and they sang to us.  It was really the highlight of my day.  I loved it!  I don't think this is something they normally do so I felt very special.

We returned to the same restaurant for lunch with some wonderful people.  We had a great time eating and laughing around the table.  We were joined by David and Glynis Miller, Miss Fran, and Dick and Lahoma Greenwood.  What a great bunch to spend your day with!

Later that afternoon we took some family photos.  It is my tradition to take our photo on our anniversary.  This year was the first to add another little face to that photo. 

 I took photos of both of us with Cruz but failed to get a photo by ourselves.   

That evening for dinner we decided to do something fun for Cruz.  We had already eaten two adult meals that day so we headed to the local McDonald's to play.  Now before you start saying "ooh yuck, McDonald's" let me just say that when you no longer have McDonald's close by, you start to miss it.  haha 
The McDonald's in Coban has a small area for smaller kids to play.  We have taken Cruz a few times and he always enjoys it. 
 How could we resist this photo?

After eating we walked next door to the local mall and joined the Miller's again for ice cream and fellowship.  We let Cruz ride on one of the rides they have there. 
We were not able to do a getaway this year on our original day but plan to make up for it later this month.  We will combine our anniversary with a BIG birthday that is coming and take a little family overnight trip.  I am really looking forward to that!  All in all we did have a fun, relaxing day.  It was great to get to share it with friends.

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