Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Home Improvement Projects

Lately we have tackled a few more home improvement projects.  We might get them all completed by the time our term ends, haha.  One of my biggest concerns when we found this house was the floors.  They are concrete, but were not installed properly.  They have many cracks, and they mold terribly (not good for a crawling baby).  When we first moved in we had to mop every morning to clean the mold before we started our day.  It was not fun.  Since the weather has been hot lately this has helped, but we know that rainy season is just around the corner and something had to be done. 

I am not sure why it took us so long to get it done.  We checked on it last week, and then went back on Saturday to set it up.  We had a work trip out of town planned for this week but it got cancelled so that freed up some time to do it.  We asked them if they could come the first of this week.  Not only were they available, but they showed up at our house later that afternoon with all of these supplies-
I love quickness! haha They have been working hard and it is looking good.  The only bad part is our house is a MESS.  We are pretty much locked out all day and it is very difficult to take care of a child outdoors in this heat and try to keep him hydrated and shaded.  But, it's temporary and soon we will be back to enjoying our house again.

We are only putting tile in the living room and kitchen for now.  We might add it in Cruz's room later.  

I will post some after photos once it is finished and cleaned up.  I am excited and can not wait for this project to be complete.
We also recently installed an a/c unit in our bedroom.  We bought it back in December and have been waiting to see how long we could stand the heat before we put it in.  We have been told it is very expensive to run it.  We only use it at night and it has really helped us rest.  Cruz is now sleeping in his pack n play in our bedroom and he is sleeping much better also.  It has been heavenly!  They say the hottest months are April and May so hopefully soon it will cool back down enough for us to go back to sleeping just under a fan.  I am looking forward to those days.

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  1. Whoever gets the house after you will enjoy all the improvements too, I am sure.

    Looks nice and I`m sure more comfortable.

    Anna Hess


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