Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Mission in Poptun

As I mentioned in our last post, we spent the weekend in the town of Poptun to attend the inauguration services for the new mission there.  We traveled with Bro. Domingo- a K'ekchi' national missionary, Bro. Carlos- pastor at the church at Las Pacayas, and two men from the church at Jordan.  We arrived Saturday morning and spent some time visiting and meeting the leaders there.  The President of the mission, Bro. Javier, invited us all to his house for lunch.  They served us fried chicken, black beans, tortillas, Coke and Pepsi. 
some of the men eating lunch

After eating we all drove over to see the new lot the mission and association recently purchased so they can build a place to worship (they are currently meeting in a home each week).
Future home of a new K'ekchi' Baptist church.  Isn't that exciting!  There are several churches in the Poptun area, but they all worship in Spanish.  This is the first church that will be in K'ekchi'.  We love that these  people now have the opportunity to worship in their heart language. 

We also visited and prayed in the home of Bro. Mateo.  He is the current pastor of the mission.  I did not take any photos there. 

Afterwards we returned to the home they are currently using to worship in.  They had an afternoon session to formally recognize it as a mission of the Peten K'ekchi' Baptist Association, and they elected their leaders who will serve there.  They had a time of teaching and training the new leaders on what to do.

Each of the charter members signed the book/ minutes.

Bro. Carlos and Bro. Domingo

a few of the members

They had an evening service that lasted for several hours.  I was glad that Cruz and I stayed at the hotel for that session, ha. 

On Sunday morning we had a 7:00 a.m. baptismal service at a local creek.  There were ten people baptized that day.  Several of those made professions of faith the night before in the service.
the group gathered around for the baptisms

before it began we had a few songs and scripture readings

K'ekchi' national missionary, Bro. Domingo, did the baptizing.  He has prayed for many years for a work to begin in the Poptun area.  I know he was very proud this day!

The two guys from Jordan (I forgot their names) and Bro. Carlos.  They were in charge of the music for the weekend.
having a closing prayer

David with Bro. Javier- president of the mission and Bro. Mateo- the pastor

After that we returned to their meeting place and had Sunday School and church.  The service was great!
at the end they called all of the leaders to come forward and had a time of prayer for them
David praying over the leaders

We all had a caldo lunch together and then we returned home to Sayaxche'.  It had been a long, full weekend for us.  They were going to have a Lord's Supper service later that day before their weekend ended.  We hope to visit again sometime, and especially when they get their church built.  Please pray for this new mission, it's leaders, and members.  Pray that they would reach many more K'ekchi' in the Poptun area.

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