Wednesday, May 11, 2011


One of the things I love about the K'ekchi' people is their hospitality.  I love how they make you feel so special when you are in their homes.  I love how they get so excited when you visit them.  I love that they never seem to be inconvenienced by having company.  I love that they drop whatever they are doing and make sure we have something to drink and usually to eat.  Many times they will send someone to walk to the nearest store to buy us a drink and maybe a snack.  What always surprises us is that often it is a Coke or Pepsi product, and these can be expensive here for the locals.  We realize the sacrifice they make to give to us and it is humbling. 

Another thing they are very accustomed to doing is feeding us.  They will stop what they are doing, go kill a chicken, clean it, cook it, and serve it to us.  I am certain I would not be willing to do that for anyone who just stops by my house.  They always amaze us with their hospitality and generosity.   They are a warm, friendly people who set a good example for us in this area. 

Here are a few photos of the women preparing one of our meals while in Poptun over the weekend-
The big pot over the fire is caldo (soup) with chicken in it. We usually eat this at least once a week.  I love the expression on the face of the lady in white.  She was not sure about having her photo taken.
This is one of the girls making our tortillas

This is the dough from the ground corn.  They take this and pat it, and make tortillas.

flipping the tortillas

the finished product
I never thought we would grow to love these so much that we would actually crave them.  Sometimes we look at each other in church (because they feed us every Sunday) and say "I can not wait until lunch, I'm dying for a tortilla" haha.  The Lord has blessed us in the fact that we love the K'ekchi' food.  We are not afraid of eating it (as I was when we first arrived), of getting sick, or of it not tasting good.  It is always delicious and best of all we know that it was made with lots of love.

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  1. great photos and those tortillas do look yummy!


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