Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cruz's 1st Birthday Morning

This is what we put out before going to bed the night before Cruz's birthday. 
I love birthday's and I plan to make Cruz's a big deal each year.  I want it to be his favorite day of the year, and for him to look forward to it knowing that he is going to be treated very special all day long. 

To start the day off we both sang "happy birthday" to him when he woke up.  It really surprised him and he just smiled and clapped the whole time.  It was priceless!  I videoed it and plan to do that every year.  It will be something special to have in the years to come.  If you have ever heard us sing you can thank me for not posting that video, haha. 
This was him when we went in to get him.  We had put him in our bed after his early feeding and enjoyed a little snuggle time with him.

Here is a video of him when he walked out to see all of his stuff.  He seemed shocked and didn't know what to think.  I wish now that I had not wrapped his gifts because he had no idea what they were or what to do with them.

He has really enjoyed this zoom zoom racer car.  It plays music and that is his favorite part. 

I helped him open all of his gifts 

We got him a kids family photo album and put photos of all of our family in it.  We hope he will enjoy looking at it and learning the names and faces of those back home who love him so much.

He loves this little tykes car.  He rides it and pushes it all over the house.

In all he got a few puzzles, several books, a few videos, some more magnetic fridge magnets, a set of stacking cups (which he LOVES), his album, zoom zoom car, and his little tykes car. 
  I'd say he had a good birthday!

After playing a while, we all ate breakfast.  I fixed french toast and served it on our celebration plate.  We handed it to Cruz to take his photo and  he quickly grabbed a piece and stuck it in his mouth before we could get him.  He is fast! 

 He likes french toast.

We cleaned up and got dressed for the day.  I dressed Cruz in his birthday shirt.  He also wore it again to his party on Saturday.

We took a quick family photo before heading out the door. We had a lot more celebrating to do.


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