Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cruz's 1st Birthday Lunch

For lunch on Cruz's birthday we headed north to Santa Elena.  We discussed many times about where to eat.  There were a lot of places that I would have liked to visit, but we tried to think where Cruz might pick to go if he were able to tell us.  We decided that Burger King would definitely be on his list.  They have the best playland in town.  So, off to Burger King we went.  David and I were happy with that decision because that meant we got to enjoy cheeseburgers and onion rings.  YUM!

Here is a quick photo I snapped of the birthday boy while his daddy was getting our food.

I gave him a hat to play with 

After eating we went to the playland for him to play.  He had a great time.  There was one other little boy there a few years older and he enjoyed helping Cruz play and get around. 

He enjoyed going down this slide but he really liked the big slide.  The only bad part was he wanted to go down head first!  Yikes. 

He is a climber and loved this minature rock wall. 

After that we walked next door to a local Sarita's (ice cream shop) and bought Cruz some ice cream.  I have tried very hard to wait until his first birthday to give him ice cream (and any sugary treat for that matter).  He loved it. 

We bought groceries and then headed to Pizza Hut to get a few to-go pizza's to take home with us.  We planned to eat one for dinner and freeze the other for another day. 

We returned home later that day and spent the rest of the afternoon playing.  Here is a video of him playing with his new car when we got back-

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