Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastor's Conference and Prayer Requests

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we attended the monthly K'ekchi' Pastor's Conference here in Sayaxche'.  They meet the first week of each month.  The women were not meeting this month so I joined the men for their sessions.  I spent most of my time chasing around a very active ten month old in his walker which meant I spent very little time getting to listen to anything that was going on.  He decided he wanted no part of an afternoon nap which made it a long afternoon for me.  Instead he was too busy being social with all of the pastors.  He would run from one to the next, and just to anybody that would show him some attention.  He loved "hanging out with the brothers" and didn't want to miss a second of anything that was going on.  He finally crashed in the last five minutes of the meeting. 

During the time that the national missionaries give their reports, one of the missionaries, Bro. Domingo, introduced two new believers that he brought to the meeting with him.  They are from the village of San Miguel which is a few hours from here.  Their village has around 75 families and 5 of those recently believed.  He invited us to visit this village with him and we plan to do that in the future.  Please pray for these new believers.
Bro. Domingo (on the right) with the two men

We were saddened to hear that one of the national missionaries, Bro. Jose Xol, has decided to step down for the remainder of the year (he was the missionary who accidently ran over and killed a child last fall).  Now because of some family issues he is having, he feels it is best that he not serve in the position until things get worked out.  That breaks our hearts because he has a huge heart for his own people and the Lord has used him to impact many, many lives.  It just seems that the devil has attacked him, his life, and his family greatly over the past year and they really need your prayers during this time.  Please join us in praying for him and the situation he is dealing with.

In the meantime, the pastor's named Carlos Pao (not sure of the spelling) to replace him.  I didn't get a picture of him but will try to do that next month.  Please pray for him as he begins to fill the task of national missionary to the K'ekchi'.  We look forward to working along side of this brother and getting to know him more.

This Sunday afternoon we will be traveling to the village of Escarbado 2 to hold a service there.  This is a new area where some people have recently believed.  We learned about this particular village on a previous trip to the village of Jordan.  The pastor at Jordan, Bro. Adilio, will be going with us.  Please pray for the service and for our travel to and from that village.  We will post an update about the trip next week.

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