Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Kitchen- Before and After

I cannot believe that I have overlooked posting the rest of our after pictures from our house in Sayaxche.  I lack the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and office.  I will do my best to get all of those posted soon.  I'll start today with our kitchen. 
This was the original view of the kitchen from the living room

this is the view now
We painted, had cabinets and drawers built, and added a ceiling.

the original counter area (and this was after we had cleaned it up a little)

this whole was in the corner of the countertop

We had a board cut and placed over it. 
That area now holds our coffee stuff and Cruz's sippy cups.

We decided not to have overhead cabinets built.  We only plan to be here a few years so it didn't seem like a wise investment.  Instead we put this metal shelf in the corner and it holds all of our food items.  It is not very pretty, but it is practical.

our table has a bench on the opposite side that we keep pushed up against the wall unless we have company

The kitchen also functions as our washroom.  It was the only place we had to put a washing maching, but it works well there.  For now we dry all of our clothes outside on the clothesline.

Now if it just wasn't too hot to cook I think I would spend a little more time in there, haha.  Turning the oven on when it's close to 100 degrees can be brutal!  Next house post will be the living room.


  1. Love everything!! Y'all did a great job making this spot a home:) For all the work y'all have done, the landlord should pay y'all to live there instead of you paying rent haha!

  2. Looks great! Wish I had some place to make "homey"!


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