Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have been spending a few days in Coban this week.  Our first night here while exploring the place from top to bottom Cruz fell and gashed his eye.  He hit the side of a wood shelf.  My heart stopped beating for a second as I looked to see if he was okay.  He only bled a small amount, cried for a short time, and was then back down and at it again.  There is not much that slows him down these days.  I was expecting a big black eye the next morning, but it never changed colors.  We have kept a bandaid and some neosporin on it and it has improved greatly.  I am not sure my heart is going to be able to withstand such an active little boy. 
 from the looks of the photo below you can tell it hurt his mama a lot more than it hurt him
On another note, in addition to falling and cutting his eye, he has not been well lately.  He has been having diarrhea for several days now.  We have been in touch with our pediatrician's office in Guatemala City, and have had two stools tested at a lab in Coban.  Neither of the tests really showed anything, but the doctor put him on antibiotics yesterday.  Please pray that he will get better soon.  He has not slept well (not that he was sleeping good to begin with).  Tuesday night the longest he slept at one time was two hours.  It was a long, hard night for all of us.  We could all use some rest! 

A little funny to share was that the first lab we visited to find out about having his stool tested they sent us home with a glass Heinz baby food jar to collect it in.  When David returned to the car and showed it to me I literally laughed out loud.  We thought it was hilarious.  I cannot believe I failed to get a photo of that!
Thanks for praying!

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  1. Regina.... I have been following your blog for some time and have a favor. I tried to copy the pictures of the babies hanging from the posts and the mothers. I think they were taken a few years ago. I can open them with a program from the desktop, but can't do anything else. I wanted to make a Mother's Day card using 2 of them for my Mom. I adopted 2 girls from Guat, 5 and 3 years ago. Can you send them to me via email? At this point, I am in no hurry,..... there will be more Mother's Days.... Thanks, Shelley


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