Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Night With the Neighbors

Sunday evening we were invited to a birthday party for a sweet little girl who lives on our property.  It was mostly her family and our landlords grandkids who also live on the property.  She really wanted Cruz to come so that meant we were invited too, ha. 
Hans and Anna Victoria (our landlords grandkids), Cruz, and Rachell (the birthday girl).  I did not know the other little girl. 
Hans and Anna Victoria are two of Cruz's favorite people.  He gets very excited when they come to see him.  Because they live on the property we let her take him outside and walk him around.  She will take him to visit the restaurant, and the others that live here with us.  She is very good with him and he is crazy about her. 
some of the family members that came to the party
The guy in the red we recently met in town.  We visited his store to buy fabric and had him make some curtains for our house.  It was funny running in to him again and to know that he was kin to the family that lives next to us.
We met this guy and found out that he works at a radio station here in town.  We made plans to get him some discs of the K'ekchi' radio recordings we have done and he is going to air them on the station.

the birthday cake- tres leches (three milk cake)
It is a very popular cake here.  That is fruit on the top- peaches and strawberries.  It was good.
the birthday girl as we were singing to her

blowing out her candle

This is another tradition here for birthdays.  They smash your face in the cake.  I am glad I was able to skip that part for mine!  haha

We enjoyed getting to spend some time with this family and get to know them a little better. 

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