Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little of This and That

I think this will be the last post from our trip to the States.  I am going to just mix it all up into one post.  We did have a wonderful time on our visit there, but it was tiring.  Cruz was sick with a head cold most all of the trip which meant he was sleeping very little at night.  All of our days were very full and our nights were long and sleepless.  It was an exhausting trip, but one we are glad we got to take.  We were able to spend much of the trip with family.  There were a lot of friends we would have loved to visit with, but we just didn't have time this trip.  Going to the beach took up a lot of the time we could have used to do more local visiting.  We are planning another trip home in October and maybe we'll get to see more folks then.  Anyway, here are a few more pics from our trip-
David's grandmother and Cruz

David, Cruz, and Ms. Farmer 

We got to spend an evening with David's dad.  We enjoyed eating out and just visting and talking with them. 
David's dad, Mr. Harold

Mr. Harold, Cruz, and Jodi

Larsen (our niece) riding Cruz on the train

Cruz trying to ride it himself

We were happy to get to attend our home church, Harmony Baptist, in Crystal Springs.  There we got to see lots of familiar faces, and got lots of hugs too.  It was the first time for Cruz to get to visit a church nursery.  I mentioned this on his 10 month update that I had a lot of anxiety about leaving him.  It was not because I didn't think he would be taken care of, but more about the fact that he is never apart from us.  I knew he would be fine, but I was a little sad.  The worker told us he did great and had a fun time playing.  We all got to meet Jett that day too.  He is the son of Ben and Shellie and was born on the same day as Cruz.  We missed seeing him on our trip last October.  I am glad they got to spend a little time playing together.
Jett and Cruz

We also got to see Nannie Roberts at church.  She is one of the sweetest ladies we know!

And lastly, we visited our local bank and opened Cruz a savings account.  We tried to do this last fall, but couldn't because we didn't have his S.S. card yet.  We wanted to do it so that on birthday's, holiday's, and special occasions our families can deposit money for him to either take out and purchase something now or save for the future.  One day we'll show him this photo and tell him this was the day we started saving for him.

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