Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Been A Circus Trying to See The Circus

For the past week there has been a circus in our town.  It's just around the block from where we live.  I started wanting to go since the first day we noticed it was there.  I knew it wouldn't be much but I really wanted to take Cruz.  When we found out that it didn't start until 8:00 p.m. we put off going for several days because that is just late for Cruz.  He is usually in bed before then.  But, after passing it everyday and hearing the neighbor kids talk about it everyday, I knew we just had to go.  We first tried to visit it last Tuesday night.  We arrived about 7:50.  At the time there were only 4 other people there.  We waited, and waited.  People slowing trickled in, and the show did not begin until 8:42.  Yes, I was watching my watch constantly and getting more agitated by the minute.  WELL, just as they were about to begin, at 8:44 (no kidding), the power goes off.   Our whole side of town was completely dark.  They canceled and returned everyone's money and we walked home in the dark.  A wind storm was coming through.  The kids are still talking about the hurricane that we had, haha.  It was pretty strong and the power stayed out for two hours. 

The next night we had a rain storm that caused them to cancel.  By then David was over the idea of going to the circus and wanted no part of it.  I began early on Friday asking him to go that night.  He was not excited but went anyway.  We enjoyed the clowns the most, but our favorite part was just watching it through Cruz's eyes.  He was asleep when we left home, but woke up when we got there.  He stayed awake the whole time and laughed, clapped, and was amazed by it all.  It was so fun to watch him!  It is a joy to have a child to experience things like the circus with.  It was a fun family outing.
the front of the circus

side view

inside views
Admission was Q10 for adults and Q5 for children.  That's around 1.30 and .65 in U.S.  They had a few dance routines, a few clown acts, women performing on the rings and bar, and some skits.  They also had an intermission and sold drinks, popcorn, chips, candy, etc.  The kids all loved it and many around here went several nights.  Once was enough for us.

David and Cruz

David, Cruz, and Enoc

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