Friday, April 15, 2011

He's A Mess

Meal times at our house just keep getting more fun.  I love taking photos of Cruz while he is eating.  He is a big fan of finger foods these days and loves feeding himself.  We have also started introducing table food to him.  The boy loves food!
I have always been big on meal times around the table and now more than ever since having a baby.  I want him to grow up with great memories of family meal times.  We all eat our meals together, at the same time, everyday.  It can be some of the most stressing times of the day like when he doesn't want to eat, or spits his food out, or throws his cup on the floor a.dozen.times, but it's a favorite part of my day as well.
There have been days when we have just stripped him down to his diaper and let him loose. I am usually not a fan of anything messy, but there are exceptions. He's just too fun to not enjoy!
If he would just keep these little hands still it would be much better.  But, he has to rub his ears and always has to play with his hair.  It drives us nuts!  haha   
His least favorite part of the day is when we have to clean him up after meals.  He will scream and moan like he is dying.  Sometimes I think we would be better off just taking him out back and hosing him off.  He would probably enjoy that a lot more too.

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