Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good News at La Libertad

This past Sunday we visited the mission again at La Libertad.  They were having a special service to present their new pastor.  We were happy to learn that they now have a pastor and we are praying that the Lord will use him to reach the K'ekchi' in that area.  It was a large crowd there.  Many of the K'ekchi' leaders and pastors came to lead the service and show their support.  The pastor and some of the members at the local Spanish church came to show support as well.  Many times when there are special services all of the denominations will gather to support each other. We like that.  Anyway, a large part of the service was recognizing the new pastor, his wife, and his children.  They also named the new leaders of the mission and presented all of them to the congratation.  It was a great service, and one we were happy to be able to be a part of.  We were hoping to get more involved in this particular mission, but now that they have a pastor we will look for another area to help.  Pray that the Lord would lead us to just the right place.
recognizing the new pastor and his wife

giving him books and materials that will help him get started 

they had a time of prayer for the pastor and the president of the mission

all of the leaders of the mission

the new pastor- Bro. Rigoberto and his wife Berta 
After the service we all had a meal together.  It was a large crowd so we had to eat in shifts.  Pictured above is the new pastor's house that the association recently helped build.  This is where we ate our meal- beef caldo, tortillas, and coffee.

I snapped this photo of a mama washing her baby after church.  I thought it was funny because everyone was gathered around and she was just doing her thing as if they were the only two there.  We laughed.  I also had to give my baby a bath as soon as we got home- he was filthy!  Luckily this mission has a concrete floor instead of a dirt floor so I was able to put him down and let him crawl around during the service.  He gets HEAVY when I can't do that.  He looked like he had been playing on a dirt floor though by the time we got home.   
To the left is the kitchen for the pastor and the mission

David holding a very tired Cruz while we were waiting to eat

me and the pastor's wife, Berta
(we were both wearing pink)

David with Bro. Rigoberto, the new pastor
(they were both wearing blue, ha)

These sweet girls played with Cruz while we ate.  They came running to tell me that Cruz was saying dog in K'ekchi'.  He makes lots of noises, but I doubt he is speaking just yet, haha.  They were convinced and were very proud of him.  Whatever makes them happy.  :-)  Being exposed to three languages at one time, there is no telling what sounds, words, or noises are going to come from his mouth in the near future!

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  1. Most children have some words by age one. A first born tends to talk early because they have no sibling to talk for them.


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