Thursday, April 7, 2011

A First of Many

On Tuesday of this week we celebrated the birthday of a sweet little girl, Susi.  She is one of the neighbor kids who visits our house regularly.  She is a fun girl, full of spunk, and keeps us on our toes (especially David).  They made sure we knew all of their birthdays, and they remind us often.  We decided to bake a cake and have a small party for her.  Her's was a surprise, but the others will be expecting it.  ha 
Ingrid (Chabela), Yenifer (Carola), Lesly, and Iris (Susi)
The first names are the ones they originally told us for themselves.  We soon noticed that they called each other different names.  The names in parenthesis are the names they go by more commonly.  These girls are precious! 
Susi with her cake

We all sang to her in English and Spanish 
After singing they always clap their hands and count up to the age you are turning.  She turned 12.

Blowing out her candles

After eating I introduced them to the game Candy Land.  They enjoyed playing it. 
They also played a few rounds of Jenga and Uno.  It was a fun time and I think she really enjoyed her special day.

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  1. How fun! I am sure they will remember your kindness for years to come :-)


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