Friday, April 22, 2011

Cruz in Coban

We had an overnight trip to Coban this week to do a few errands that needed to be done for some guests that were coming in.  It is always a joy to return there!  The weather was beautiful- not too hot nor too cold.  It was a welcomed break from the high temps we have been having here in Sayaxche.  I took several pictures of Cruz in the yard while we were there (imagine that, haha).    Here are a few of him-
If that stick were a little longer it would look like he was fishing.

He loved seeing Precioso again.  The dog is starting to warm up to him, or he is learning to tolerate him more with each visit.   They just kind of followed each other around the whole time.  He let Cruz pet him on the head, which is not his normal.  Cruz also ran over his foot with the walker and he didn't seem to mind.  They are becoming good buds. 
There are a lot of pretty flowers in bloom on the property there right now.  Here is Cruz checking out some orchids. 

We are looking forward to our return visit there next week when we will be attending the Indigenous Summit.  We are anticipating a great week, and cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to work!


  1. oh my goodness... he is getting so big!

  2. Is HE not just adorable...what a precious beautiful baby boy ....You are blessed!


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