Tuesday, April 26, 2011

11 Month Update

Our sweet boy turns 11 months old today! 
I find myself constantly reminiscing about this time last year, what we were doing, how big I was, how close it was to his arrival, and how excited we both were to meet him.  We cannot believe he is about to turn one year old. 
*   He weighs between 21 and 22 pounds
*   His eyes are blue/gray and his hair is light brown
*   He wears size 3 diapers, size 12 month clothes, and size 4 shoe
*   He still only has six teeth- four on top and two on bottom.  He has not cut any new ones in three months.
*   He is very active these days.  He is crawling everywhere, climbing on everything, and walking behind
     anything that he can push around.  He is not walking solo yet, but walks holding our hand.  He loves to
     push things.  He is climbing into chairs, out of his walker, and on top of whatever he can pull himself up
     on.  He has started climbing stairs.  He loves to play on the couch and has learned to turn around and go down backwards.  This is after a few headfirst incidents.  I think he learned that lesson the hard way.
*   He has had many bruises and scrapes.  Just yesterday he got his first cut.  He fell onto a wood shelf and
     gashed his eye open.  He cried for just a bit, and was soon back going again.  It hurt mama a lot more
     than it hurt him.
*   He loves to tear things up.  He enjoys playing with magazines and papers and tearing them into pieces.  It
     makes a huge mess but he really enjoys it.  The hard part is keeping the paper out of his mouth.
*   He is obsessed with shoes.  He puts every pair of shoes he finds in his mouth.  We have to constantly
     keep our shoes and his put away.
*   He has really taken an interest in books lately.  He likes you to read to him, and he likes to turn the pages.
     He will get a book and play with it for a long time.
*   He has a red and yellow plastic car that we got from a cereal box while in the States that is his favorite
     thing these days.  He hangs it out of his mouth and carries it around with him all day long.  
*   He likes to sleep with his feet propped up on something.
*   He is now eating a mixture of homemade baby food, jar baby food, and table food.  He is still nursing
     four times a day.  I have started using formula to mix with his food, and am no longer pumping milk. 
     That is as close to weaning as I have gotten.  My plan was to wean him by his first birthday.  We will see
     this month how that goes. 
*   We moved him to a stage 2 sippie cup. 
*   New foods he has tried this month are rice, yogurt, brocolli, pancakes, fried plantains, and biscuits.  He
     loves fruit smoothies made with yogurt.  He enjoys finger foods/ feeding himself.  His favorites these days
     are toast, cheese, Gerber yogurt melts, english peas, and any fruit. 
*   He is not a fan of bibs these days and will always tear it off before his meal is done.  He is a messy eater!
*   He likes to play with things that velcro. 
*   He is trying hard to talk.  He makes all kinds of sounds and noises.  We like to joke about what we
     think he is saying and what it sounds like he says.
*   He is such an entertainer.  He likes to do things to make us laugh and anytime we laugh he cackles with
     us like he knows what is going on.  He smiles and laughs a lot.
*   He has become a very scheduled daytime sleeper, but his night routine is different each night.  He still
     wakes up at least once during the night and the time varies.  He takes a morning and afternoon nap at
     nine and one.
*   He loves being outside, playing in water, listening to music, and getting dirty.
*   He is very much a mama's baby these days.  He has never been clingy until the last few weeks.
*   He has lost all of his baby fat, and is no longer our chubby baby.  He looks more and more like a little
He is a true joy, and makes life so much sweeter!  We thank God often for this precious gift he has given us, and pray everyday for wisdom to raise him.  Parenting is the hardest job we have ever had, yet the most fulfilling.  
Happy 11 Month Birthday Baby Boy!
Let the celebrations begin!


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