Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back in Guatemala

Today we flew back to Guatemala after a two week trip home to visit our families.  We did not have good internet service while there so I was not able to post regularly to our blog.  I have a lot of catching up to do and will get it done little by little.  Although I missed reading blogs and facebook pages and knowing what everyone was up to, I did enjoy the break.  It was refreshing.  We will be overnight in Guatemala City and will make the nine hour drive back to Sayaxche on Friday.  Please pray for our safety of travel.  Here are a few photos from today-
this was us arriving at the airport to fly back to Guatemala
March 24, 2011

In all of our years of traveling we have never had such a hard time getting through security.  We had packed some jars of baby food (which are allowed) in our carry-on bags.  One jar set off an alarm and the lady asked David if he worked with explosives.  Because of that they were sure we were up to no good and really, really worked us over!  It was a nightmare and almost caused us to miss our flight.  It was the most aggravated I had been in a long while, and I will not be excited about traveling through that airport again any time soon. 

The flights went well.  Cruz slept through the short flight from Jackson to Houston.  He was awake and very active the first half of our flight from Houston to Guatemala City, but then slept hard the rest of the way.  We arrived with no trouble getting out of the Guatemala airport.  Some missionary friends picked us up and we enjoyed lunch at Applebee's before heading to our mission house. 
On the flight the stewardess gave Cruz some wings.  He enjoyed chewing on them. 
A little something else to add to the "things I'll keep forever" box, haha

The following photo was taken one year ago today, March 24, 2010.  This was the day we returned to Guatemala to begin our second term.  I was 30 weeks pregnant.  The year has gone by quickly and much has changed in our lives over this past year, but it's been an amazing journey! 
our last time to fly by ourselves

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