Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Month Update

Our little boy turned 10 months old on the 26th.  Oh, how I wish that time was not passing by so quickly with him.  I am not ready for him to grow up.  
*  He weighed 21.14 at his 9 month check-up
*  He is wearing 12 month clothes
*  He is in a size 3 diaper
*  He wears a size 4 shoe
*  His eyes are more gray and his hair still blonde/ brown/ red
*  He has not cut any new teeth lately. He still only has six (four on top and two on bottom).  He has started
    teething again so it shouldn't be long before he gets some more.
*  He is very active these days.  He is crawling, climbing, trying to walk, and just all over the place.  He
    rarely sits still for very long.  When he is asleep he sleeps hard and when he is awake he is wide open! 
*  He is still not sleeping through the night anymore (he quit around 7 months).  We are hoping that this
    changes soon. 
 *  He loves to open and close doors.  This includes cabinets and drawers as well.  He knows what drawer
      has the plastic bowls and lids in it and that is his favorite to get in to.
*  He squeals a lot these days.  He can be quite noisy and likes to express himself with his voice
*  He has learned to clap his hands and can "give me five" when asked to.
*  He has learned to wave hello and goodbye.  He prefers to wave with both hands.  It's very cute!
*  He is eating three meals a day and nursing four times.  He eats well.  There has not been a food yet that he
    wouldn't eat.  I am not looking forward to the picky eater stage.  New foods he has tried lately are mango,
    black beans, fish, blueberries, raisins, and apple juice.  He loves finger foods and feeding himself.  His
    favorites are cheese, cheerios, Gerber puffs and yogurt melts.
*  He mostly says da da but has started saying ma ma, na na, and the "t" sound.
*  He likes to bite me on the shoulder when I am holding him.  Ouch!
*  He made his second trip to the States this month.  While there he had two birthday parties, visited the
    beach at Gulf Shores, AL, went to the zoo, and Lake Chautauqua.  He had a great time with our families.
*  He has been clingy to me for the first time this month.  Our first few days in the States he wanted his mama
    and our first few days back in Guatemala he has been a mama's baby.  That is not his norm.
*  He was sick for the first time this month but only with a cold.  He had it the whole time we were in the
    States and didn't feel like himself.   We are glad he made it almost 10 months with nothing more than a
    head cold.  What a blessing that is!  He is feeling better now.
*  He had his first stay in the church nursery while we were in the States.  He did much better than mama did.
    I couldn't wait for church to get out so I could go get him, haha, crazy I know because when in Guatemala
    there are Sunday's that I would give anything for a nursery.  Mrs. Cathy Greer was the nursery worker
    that day and she said he did great. 
*  He still loves music and likes for you to sing to him.  He smiles and makes noises, we say that is him trying
    to sing with us.  His favorite part of church is the music.  He gets so excited!
*  He loves to crawl around with something in his mouth.  We say he is like a puppy.
*  He likes to mimic us making noises and faces.
*  He loves to give his mama some sugar.  He kisses with his mouth open and gets me all wet.
*  I love how he smiles and lights up when we enter the room.  It melts.our.hearts!
He is the sweetest, most precious little boy and a definite blessing to our lives.  Although there are days when we are completely exhausted, we can't imagine life without him.   We are grateful for each day and can't wait to see what the next month holds. 

Happy 10 month birthday, Cruz
You might be becoming a little boy, but you'll always be our baby!

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