Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There's Nothing Like Being Put on the Spot

This past Sunday morning we attended services at one of the largest K'ekchi' Baptist churches in the Peten- Templo Bautista El Cordero De Dios (The Lamb of God Baptist Church) in La Ceiba.  It was our second visit to this church.  The first was back in 2007.  It's only about an hour away which means we didn't have to leave our house until 8:00 a.m.  That was nice! 
Outside of the Baptist church at La Ceiba
There are around 600 families living in this area and a little over 200 of them attend this Baptist church.  This church also has four missions under them.

Inside of the building

Many churches have hand painted murals in them.  They are always interesting to see.

Just a few of their MANY speakers. 
They had just as many on the other side of the pulpit.  They like the music to be very loud. 

Once we arrived we were greeted by the pastor and spent several minutes visiting with him.  Right before Sunday School  began  he informed me that I would be teaching the women's class.  WHAT???  He's heard me speak K'ekchi', haha, I'm not sure what gave him that idea!  Anyway, sure enough, he was serious.  You really can't say no, even though you know the idea is impossible.  Thankfully, they sang a song and had a prayer before they broke up into classes.  That gave me just a few minutes to read over the lesson, use my K'ekchi' word list to look up words I didn't know, and also look up the scriptures in my English Bible to understand the text.   I also prayed like never before that the Lord would help me.  :-)

When the time came I very nervously stood before those ladies and began to read the lesson.  The study was on friendship and the story was about David and Jonathan.  I read all of the text that went with it and when I finished I read it all again, as a review.  I am not sure if they understood much of what I had to say at all but they sat real quietly and listened to me, even giggling a time or two.  I tried to ask a few questions to see if they understood but no-one would respond.  They were shy.  When I finished, I prayed and sat down.  Not much time had gone by, so I decided to get back up and share a little of my testimony.  After that I sat back down again.

Knowing there was still time left in the class, I wondered what else I could do to pass the time. I remembered a few hymns I had been singing lately with Cruz (in K'ekchi') so I decided to get up with my K'ekchi' hymn book and lead them in a song.  I chose, "I Have Found A Friend in Jesus" because it went with the friend theme of the lesson and it's one of my favorite's these days.  Without any music to help get me started, I began to sing.  After about the third line, they started to sing with me.  I think they waited just to hear me, ha.  When finished, I sat back down and soon afterwards the lady sitting behind me asked me to sing another one.  So, I got back up and ended up singing two more songs with them before the time ran out.  They seemed to enjoy the singing most of all.  I must say the whole experience was by far one of the hardest things I've had to do yet.  But, I actually enjoyed it and would welcome the chance to do it again.  I would just like to be a little more prepared next time.
Some of the ladies in the Sunday School class

After the service we walked with the pastor and his wife to a local house for a meal.  They served us beef cooked in onions and tomatoes, rice, tortillas, and coffee.  Other than the meat being tough, it was a very tasty meal.  We visited with the pastor a while longer before returning home.  We were actually home by 1:30 p.m.  That was the earliest we've been back home on a Sunday in weeks.
David and Cruz with the pastor- Bro. Mateo, and his wife- Candelaria 
Please pray for this pastor, his family, and the work he is leading at this church.


  1. That sounds very scary, but it looks like you did great! Now I'm going to be worried when we visit places lol! Are all the pastors' wives named Candelaria! I only know Domingo and José's wives and they have that same name. We really love Mateo now. We have a lot of respect for him. That church is a big place and they seem to love him there.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Bless your heart!! You are my hero... I don't think I could have done it.


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