Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Visit to Coban

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we spent a few days this week in Coban.  We were excited about that!  We arrived on Tuesday afternoon in time to call in some Pollo Campero delivery to our place.  We have missed those delivery services! 

After eating I walked uptown to get my hair cut.  I enjoyed every minute of the 1.5 hours I was there.  I sat still, I read some magazines, I had someone pamper me... it was heavenly!  I got about 3 inches cut off of my hair.  It is much cooler now.

We spent a while at the local grocery store picking up some things.  There was a time when we thought that store didn't offer much.  Now, we'd love to live only a five minutes drives away.  We were spoiled and didn't even know it, ha. 

That evening for dinner we met our friend Delrae at Casa de Acuna.  Her husband, James, was out of town so we missed getting to visit with him.  We miss our fellowship times with them that we used to have.
She came over after dinner and we enjoyed some coffee and more catching up.

On Wednesday we met two of our new bosses for lunch at La Posada.  They were here from Mexico visiting several missionary families.  We had a great time with them sharing about our work, talking about our goals for the future, and just visiting.  Alan and his family served here in Guatemala when we first arrived so it was great to catch up with him again in person. 
our family with Mark and Alan

Later that evening we picked up Miss Fran for dinner.  We took her to a new place that just opened in town- Tacontento.  It is a chain restaurant that we have eaten at in the City and were happy to see one now in Coban (although we won't be around to enjoy it much).  We had a wonderful meal and visit with her.   
us with Miss Fran

There is also now a Subway in Coban.  The town has changed and grown so much since we moved from there.  We stopped by Thursday morning to get some sandwiches for our drive home.  We planned to stop somewhere along the way and have a picnic.  Well, just as we got on the other side of Chisec we encountered a manifestation/ protest and ended up being stopped in the road for nearly 2 hours.  That was not our idea of a great picnic place, but it worked.  We were glad we were prepared with something to eat.

We were tired when we arrived home, but very glad to be back.  We unloaded the car and unpacked everything just in time for the neighbor kids to come calling.  They could not believe that it had been two days since they had seen Cruz.  I asked them what about David and I... they just laughed.  I could feel their love.  haha

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