Monday, February 28, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

We spent most of my original birthday (Friday) celebrating with the neighbors.  In addition to eating, we played Uno, Go Fish, Connect Four, and some video games.  It was fun celebrating with them.  We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating together as a family.  I had wanted to visit a favorite hotel on Lake Izabal, but we found out that it has closed.  Instead, I opted just to go to Flores.  I really just wanted to go anywhere that had a bathtub.  We had fun there relaxing, taking long naps (thanks Cruz!!!), watching t.v., eating, and walking around.  I kept trying to get Cruz to say "Happy Birthday Mommy", but he just wouldn't do it, ha.  Maybe next year I'll be able to hear those sweet words!  Here are a few photos we took from our time there-
 In case you can't tell- I LOVE this little boy!
my hearts
Who wouldn't have a fun birthday with this little sweetie to help you celebrate!
(You'll notice he has two bruises on his face. He keeps a bruise these days. He is ALL boy)

Cruz had fun playing on the patio.  We took his walker for him to run around in.  He also enjoyed climbing/ pulling up on everything he saw.
afternoon stroll

about to enjoy a cup of coffee and a cappuccino before calling it a night
It was a great birthday!

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