Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Was A LOVEly Day

First of all let me mention that we had planned to spend a few days this week in Coban visiting with our supervisor who was scheduled to be here to do some leadership training for the K'ekchi' pastors.  But, his father-in-law passed away on Saturday, so he had to postpone his trip.  We had planned to buy groceries in Coban while there.  When our visit got cancelled we decided instead to head to the Santa Elena area on Monday to buy groceries and eat lunch for Valentine's Day.  It turned out to be a fun outing! 
Cruz really likes his stroller these days (as long as you are moving).  He's not a fan of sitting still.

We went early because I wanted to stop by the local El Mismo Precio (The Same Price).  It is our version of the Dollar Tree.  I didn't need anything, but just wanted to look around.  I ended up buying a few bilingual children's books for Cruz, and David wanted to get him this maraca- 
He loves this thing!  He likes to shake it, hit it on everything, and especially put it in his mouth.

We also thought it would be fun to let him ride a few of the rides they have there.  He didn't know what to think at first.  He mainly wanted to eat the steering wheel.   
David was constantly moving his mouth away from licking it. 
Here is a short video of him in action-

We also put him on the motorcycle.

Afterwards we visited a local hotel to have lunch by the lake.  Some missionary friends of ours recommended we try it.  They like to visit it when they host teams. 
We ate under this tent.  You can see the lake in the background.  We were the only ones there so we had the whole place to ourselves.

my little Valentine!

This was my plate.  David and I both ate fish.  It was yummy! 

Cruz enjoying his Valentine's lunch, with a little maraca on the side, ha

After eating we spent a while walking around and seeing the property.  They have a lot of walking and bike trails.  We ended up putting Cruz in the stroller and he fell asleep.  Here are a few photos we took-
Cruz and I in the BIG chair next to the pool.

David and Cruz
Can you guess what they are looking at???

this crocodile!

our family on Valentine's Day

They have a large fenced in area with many deer.  We enjoyed watching them. 

They also have several of these beautiful birds. 

It was nice to walk around and enjoy the fresh air.  When we left we visited the grocery store and purchased some groceries.  We also picked up a Pizza Hut pizza to take home for dinner, and drove back to Sayaxche.  The neighbor kids saw us drive up and came running to see us.  We spent the rest of the afternoon entertaining them.  We had a fun, relaxing day!

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