Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Grass is Greener on This Side

We have spent a little time this week in Coban.  We had to go to meet with two of our bosses from Mexico.  I'll post about that tomorrow.   It was fun to visit and hang out there.  We'll always love Coban!  While there we enjoyed letting Cruz play in the grass.  One of the things we love about the Coban property is the pretty yard.  He wasn't sure what to think about the grass at first, and wanted me to pick him up.  He later decided he liked it and had fun picking at the grass and leaves.  Here are a few photos I took of him-
his first mini futbol
He loves balls and will chase this one all over the house.
You can see all six of his teeth in this photo.  He has not cut any new ones lately.

He loves to play with leaves!
having one of his "I don't like this grass, pick me up Mommy!" moments

sweet feet!

He also enjoyed some more time with Precioso.  We forgot to take his walker so he just crawled after him this time.  He really likes the dog although we are still unsure just what the dog thinks of him.  In the photo below it looks like Cruz is crying and Precioso is biting him but actually I snapped the photo just as the dog approached him and he squinted.  We think it's funny how the picture turned out.
It was a refreshing break for all of us!


  1. Sorry to have missed you again. Fran shared with us this morning at breakfast with her your visit. We were too exhausted last night to think of going anywhere. Praying for you as you travel again today.

  2. Aww, cute! I can't believe he has six teeth already! Lane is still cutting her sixth tooth, and she's like 3-4 months older than Cruz! Crazy!


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