Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Rosa Jamaica

Sunday we returned to the village of Rosa Jamaica to attend the seven year anniversary of the Baptist mission there.  You can click HERE to read about our first visit there back in late January.  The village is about 1.5 hours from Sayaxche.  This area is big in the production of palm oil.  You see the palm trees everywhere.  I think it's a pretty sight.
the road to Rosa Jamaica
these are the berries where the oil is 

We were looking for this church-
(this is the photo I took on our last visit)

But instead we found this-
They had painted it for the anniversary service 

They painted the inside as well- white and blue.  This is the hand painted cloth over the podium.  Many K'ekchi' churches have something similar to this on their podiums.

When we arrived we were taken to the pastor's house for breakfast.  We were served caldo with LIVER!  ugh!  It was not just a small piece either.  My piece was as big as the palm of my hand.  I am not a fan of liver and even if I was I still don't think I would want it for breakfast.  Afterwards we went into the church for the service.  The service was good, long, but good.  We all ate again when it was over.  We had grilled beef, rice, cabbage salad, tortillas, and Super Cola.  I really enjoyed this meal!   
Some of the leaders that ate with us.

David with the pastor- Bro. Martin

Just a few minutes down the road on our way back home we approached the trail that leads to the village of Quetzalito.  Once there we noticed two men standing there and one we recognized as the pastor at Linterna 1 where we had just visited last Wednesday.  They had attended a special service in that village and had just walked an hour and fifteen minutes from there back to our road.  They were about to start waiting on a taxi truck to come along and pick them up.  We stopped and asked them where they were going and can you guess where?  Sayaxche!  ha, we love God's timing sometimes!  We offered them a ride, and enjoyed visiting with them on the way back to town.  We learned that the other guy is a pastor at a small mission near the Ceibal ruins.  They were heading into Sayaxche to attend a Sunday School training meeting that is taking place here this week. 

We returned home mid-afternoon and rested (no nap because Cruz slept all the way home- we just rested, ha).   We took a late afternoon stroll around the block and pushed Cruz in the stroller.  He loves that.  When we returned home a few of the neighbor kids came over to visit and play Uno.  I ended up inviting them to eat dinner with us (spaghetti and brownies).  They had eaten spaghetti before, but never with meat in it.  I guess the fact that they cleaned their plates and wanted seconds means they enjoyed it. 
We had a great Lord's day!

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  1. Had to giggle at your story of the caldo!! Times like that was when we always asked for a xel!


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