Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Service at Se' Tul

Sunday morning we attended services at Iglesia Bautista Berea in the village of Se' Tul (which means "the place of the banana" in K'ekchi').  They were having their twenty year anniversary of their church.  This is a large church with several missions that they are trying to help become organized churches.  They had a two day celebration, but we only attended Sunday morning.  There was a very large crowd there.  The service lasted three hours and then we all shared a caldo meal together.  It was the first Sunday that I really missed having a church nursery. In most K'ekchi' churches the women sit on one side and the men on the other.  David and I try to sit together when possible and especially more now since having the baby.  When we arrived they sat us both up along the front wall (in front of everyone).  Once seated I slipped out to change Cruz's dirty diaper and someone got my seat.  So, that left me sitting on the women's side alone.  It didn't bother me that I was "alone", but having to hold a 21+ pound wiggly baby for 3 hours did get old.  All in all it was a great service and we were glad we could go and be a part of their celebration.  I took very little photos (my hands were full), but here are a few I did get.
The Baptist church at Se' Tul.  This is also the village where Radio Berea is located.

Can you find Cruz in this photo? 
This was taken as we were about to leave.  The women all had to get their final hugs and kisses from him.

The guy on the left was taking photos of the different women holding Cruz.  I need to start charging to have his photo taken and put it into a college savings fund for him, lol. 


  1. My husband found Cruz right away!! It took me a while to find him... I was so focused on the woman with the pink shawl and trying to figure out what she was holding!

  2. that's cute a kids "where's waldo" lol!! could be a series!


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